Celebrating 20 years

TorontoTV  was started in 2003, and will be entering our 20th milestone in 2022.

 The focus of TorontoTV is about people, organizations and events of Toronto Chinese community.  Besides community news reporting, TorontoTV has organized election forums, Super Spokesperson Contest, Castyourvote, Toronto Chinese Media Award, To Alberta with Love from Ontario, Immigration Mailbox, Fengshui 101 and Inspirations from Covid-19.   10,000 videos were produced as the video record of Toronto Chinese community development for last 20 years.

To celebrate this special year, we will produce a series of programs on different topics, with the norm to connect and  introduce to our viewers the different communities around us in Canada as well as overseas.

Another  special feature this year will be our anniversary thanks dinner.  A chance for our friends to get together and share our memories in one place, one moment . Hope you will join us in the event.


2022 年是多倫多電視步進二十年的時刻,為了慶祝這個里程碑,我們計劃了多個項目,在網絡頻道上從多個角度去發掘題材,讓觀眾得到更多資訊,認識多倫多,認識世界,也就是我們一向的宗旨。


當然,能繼續二十年,實在感恩,所以,我們會籌辦 一個20 週年感恩晚會,新知舊雨,回顧舊事,展望未來,共聚一堂,為這個特別時刻留下見證。

Immigrant Stories



TorontoTV  20th Anniversary special feature. Immigrants’ stories are always inspiring and interesting. Sharing connects the community.


Chinese Canadians Hall of Fame


We will be interviewing outstanding Chinese Canadians. They  are  from all walks of life and it is great to add their stories to our library. They formed an important part in the development of  Chinese settlement in Canada.


Photo Gallery


Precious Moments



Toronto Chinese Calligraphers/ Painters Art Show

Chen Han-chung


Guori Wu


Peter Chan


Stephen Cheung


Kenneth Leung


Peter Ly


Cheung Kwok Sing


Laker's Gallery 湖畔人家

湖畔人家相片集. 多倫多電視台二十周年2003-2022特约项目。

湖畔人家作者 Professor Tsau 相片文字皆原創,居住多倫多湖畔多年,每天用相片和文字記下週邊環境和人物.

Laker’s Gallery is a feature of TorontoTV’s 20th anniversary productions.

Photographs taken by a  Toronto resident- Professor Shu-ying Tsau . She has been living by the lakeside for over 20 years.

Santa Clause Village 聖誕老人村


Collector : Ms.Carol Chan 陳煥玲


Carol has over 1700 items in her collection.  She will provide pictures and description of her collections in this blog. Let’s enjoy the Christmas spirit .