Chinese Canadians Hall of Fame

Who are the Chinese Canadians?

According to Wikipedia, Chinese Canadians are Canadians of full or partial Chinese ancestry. They make up about four percent of the Canadian population, or about 1.56 million people as of statistics 2016. They formed the largest ethnic group of Asian Canadians. Ontario and British Columbia are the two most populated provinces where they reside in.

The Chinese Community in Canada

The Chinese Canadians have embarked on different careers. They are working in many different industries. Many of them have achieved prominent status in their professions, either in the public or private sector. It is interesting also to find that quite many have attained unprecedented achievements and breakthrough in their respective roles and become the pioneers and leaders in the Canadian Community.

Longest Serving Chinese Canadian Member of Parliament

First Chinese Canadian Federal Cabinet Ministers

First Chinese Canadian Members of Provincial Politics (Ontario)

First Chinese Canadian Governor General of Canada

Order of Canada

Jean Bessie Lumb 林黃彩珍 1919-2002

Prominent Chinese in  Real Estate